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The popular resort Fethiye Dalaman Airport 50 km away. RodosŞövalyeleri a hill crowned by the ruins of the castle was built by the small harbor course.

Port people often drink tea and tea gardens surrounded by palm trees meet to discuss the day's events. 12 islands of Fethiye with its unique nature and the sea yerlendendir to be seen.


South of Oludeniz and the high, steep sided Babadag Mountain, 14 km (9 miles) south of Fethiye due to the small holiday village. Is one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean on Oludeniz.

Not to be missed, and the famous beach with turquoise blue sea are one. And building sites for a national nature reserve lagoon is strictly prohibited.

Oludeniz, famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, and beautiful bays and you can see an official blue flag plajdır.Eşsi. Holidays and Tourism Journal is rated among the world's top five beaches.

Nicholas Island, butterfly valley, the aquarium dark, camel beach, cold water supply, and the blue cave, waiting for you.


Not known exactly where it came from the name of Gocek. MINISTRY Ministry of Internal Medicine, Ankara, 1928 the names of villages in the last division of the ownership is referred to as dizelgesinde KÖYCEK SCAFFOLD. Gokce Ovacik, a neighboring village, referred to as KÖYCEK PLAIN.

Gocek, Mugla - Fethiye is on the way. To reach Göcek from Dalaman Gocek until 2006 and then known as the Gateway is a very narrow and winding road had to pass.


Kayaköy, or with the Levissi former name, multinational Reached The End of the Ottoman Empire after the diagnosis, ethnic nation-states to the governments of Greece and Turkey until 1923, resulting on a Greek village with population exchange.

According to this agreement, all the Greek Orthodox population of Turkey, Greece, Turkey, through the entire Muslim population would be deported. However, this region is less alanalarının settlers and land cultivation on the slopes of the mountains alamsından habitats because of this reason was a difficult place.

The major earthquake in 1957, thus becoming Kayaköy was this day. Kayaköy former local newspaper also, many schools and shops housed in the.

But today, goats, approximately 2 km north and 2 miles west of henna in the former Kayaköy had a handful of neighborhoods.

For this reason, Kayaköyü other name "ghost town" trying and started.


Saklikent Canyon, about 15 km in length, a rarity in the Bey Mountains, the source water containing a natural wonder. The discharge flows into a very severe and cold water.

Saklikent-belt junction coming from Fethiye, the Saklikent the right direction when you move, you must do 32 km distance. Very close to the ancient city of Tlos.